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Ezoic Review – Will I See an Increase in Profits?

Ezoic Review Will I See an Increase in Profits
Ezoic Review Will I See an Increase in Profits

Today we will be covering Ezoic Review and also looking at if we honestly can expect an increase in profit using Ezoic, and also what Ezoic customers actually say About Ezoic!

Is Ezoic really good as everyone says or else?

Before we start this Ezoic review we would like to recommend 2 websites which provide very good information and data on Ezoic Below;


So What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a Google-certified AD partner and with the world’s best and largest ad-testing platform, Ezoic can beneficially improve your earnings somewhere between 50 to 250% by professionally testing and optimizing all your ad layouts and placements.

So in basic words, Ezoic will help you generate higher ad profits, the Ezoic team will help you find teh right website/blog template and ad positioning for best conversions, bounce rates, and visitors satisfaction.

And the best part is Ezoic is FREE! (check it out)


Will I Make Good AD Revenue Profit with Ezoic?

It has been said that almost all google AdSense publishers who allow Ezoic to fix up the positions of their ads and adapt the correct theme, most users seem to see an increase in their profits of something between 50% to 160%.

HuffPost has conducted a test on 4 websites and all 4 of them have seen a huge increase in ad revenue using Ezoic.

The results were, 77%, 128%, and 184%, and 68% and that was only halfway through the test. So as you can see these figures don’t lie and show great results.

Ezoic used a unique way of finding the right ad positions and ad testing, using a combination of its testing facilities, Ezoic uses artificial machines to identify the hot spots of your pages with very high accuracy.

In simple terms, if you give Ezoic a chance you will never go back.

Check out the test below by HuffPost, as you can see in the image, the performance of the website and ad revenue is all peaking with positivity which will 100% have a beneficial impact on AD revenue.

Ezoic improvement in performance
Ezoic improvement in performance


What Other People Testing Ezoic say about Ezoic and their Ezoic Experience

  • Owlbbaking – (Ezoic Review) “I earned $322 in my second month using Ezoic. That’s a 83% change vs. October.”
  • Onemorecupof-coffee – (Ezoic Review) “Ezoic really did help me grow my earnings from few pennies into $$dollars. Eventually I was earning over $100 per month”.
  • medium.com – (Ezoic Review) “I started to see the first revenue on June 4. About three days later, on a Sunday (Usually the lowest day of the week by far), I had earned 24$ USD, the highest-earning per Day”

As you can see there are many users who have made huge profits switching over to Ezoic.


How Can I Join Ezoic and What Are Ezoic’s Requirements?

Most people will be contacted by Ezoic’s team and will have opportunity to register for free right away.

If you haven’t received an invitation from Ezoic, you can simply apply to join on Ezoic’s website, but there are some requirements:

  • Your site must get at least 10,000 monthly visits
  • Ezoic mainly accepts content-rich and informational sites that are unique original.
  • Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, which means your websites has to be compliant with AdSense policy.
  • Your site must meet AdSense-supported language.

That’s all! if you think your website is worth it, register now and reap the beneficial perks of receiving higher ad revenue within months! The register link to Ezoic is here.


Has Ezoic got any Hidden Terms or Catch?

No! it’s simple as it sounds! make sure to read the Ezoic Terms and Conditions thoroughly before signing up though!


How does the integration with Ezoic work?

There are three main integration methods;

  • Changing your Nameservers to Ezoic
  • Ezoic uses Cloudflare integration
  • Ezoic WordPress plugin

More info here How Can I Integrate My Site with Ezoic?


How and when do you get paid by Ezoic?

Ezoic makes monthly payments via international bank transfer, check, or PayPal. 


If you have any proof of Ezoic (earnings or Payouts) that you would like to add to this post please contact us at “Pavel at [email protected]


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