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Google Search Console Performance Report Impression Drop

Starting from 9th Dec 2021 google has run a  new google search console update which will impact the Report of Impression. Showcasing a decline...

Google AdSense Changes To a First Price Auction ADS

Google AdSense has changed to a first-price auction model, meaning that by the end of 2021 this update will be fully rolled out. Google Adsense...

3 Main Reasons Why PPC Leads Dont Convert To Sales

There are many reasons why PPC leads don't convert to sales. Learn how to tackle any potential PPC issues or problems and hit back...

PPC Management Guide Made For Beginner’s

PPC management is basically allowing 3rd party marketing AD agencies or an experienced marketer to maintain and monitor a company’s entire PPC ad strategy...

Why Online Advertising (PPC) is The Best for Increasing Online Sales?

For many years online PPC networks have been battling cost per click (PPC) and trying to gain and keeping their advertiser's loyal long term...

10 Most Popular PPC Networks in 2020

We have made a list of the 10 Most Popular PPC Networks in 2020, these are the most used and best options for any...

What is PPC? Pay Per Click

PPC is a shortcut & stands for pay-per-click, its an online system model made of internet marketing in which other online advertisers pay a...