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If you are a web developer looking for the latest free WordPress tutorials and free WordPress news, look no further! in this section we will cover many online free WordPress tutorials and WordPress tips and hints on growing your website's online search density and organic traffic.

WordPress Speed Test using CDN Cloudflare & WP Rocket

We have conducted a thorough speed test, using CDN Cloudflare and WP rocket plugin for cache and website optimization, our website was loading very...

Securing WordPress Admin Login (Step by Step Tutorial)

When it comes to securing WordPress websites from intruders and hackers. You will definitely need to look into securing your WordPress main admin login...

How to add Google Analytics Code to WordPress (Quick & Easy...

When it comes to adding Google Analytics to WordPress it can be quite tricky when you don't have much coding experience. But there are many...

Installing WordPress on Cpanel The SEO Friendly Way!

Easy guide on installing WordPress on Cpanel using one-click installations the correct SEO-friendly way. Always remember the HTTPS and "www" before your URL website. Step...

Fix Website CLS/LCP issue with Adsense Loading ADS

Are you looking to Fix the Website CLS/LCP issue with some kind of WordPress Plugin? Then you have come to the right place! This also...

What is The Best SEO Plugin for Worpress?

When it comes to SEO, it's very crucial that the blog master/webmaster chooses the correct SEO plugin to maintain great ranks within the search...

Why are most Online Blogs made using WordPress CMS

When it comes to WordPress CMS, it's widely used by many bloggers around the world, there are many reasons why so many bloggers use...

WordPress Duplicating Images Uploaded to Media Folder

Are you having an issue with WordPress duplicating images uploaded to the media folder? When it comes to optimizing WordPress don't forget that each theme...