SEO Keyword Research Tutorial on Low Competition Keywords

SEO Keyword Research Tutorial on Low Competition Keywords

When it comes to finding low-competition keywords it can be quite hard at first, but with the right free online tools you can achieve something really amazing.

Altogether, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to achieve just that by using a free online tool called SpyFu

Check out the full video below;

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Also, if you we wandering or asking yourself, what’s the best way to find low-competition keywords?

This topic should provide you with and guide to the correct answer.

Finally, using Spyfu and the tutorial we have shown you above you can run search analytics on certain keywords, and check out their ranking difficulty, this will also provide a sort of traffic that can be expected. Although this traffic source has a specific number it’s only a monthly average. Please note that each country will rank differently on all keywords.

When looking for good SEO Keywords it’s always good to check these bullet points below;

  • Are the keywords your looking for going to drive any traffic?
  • Is the keyword hard to rank for? (Difficulty-wise)
  • What is your expected outcome? Are you a blogger making money via ads or marketing an affiliate product?
  • Can you write something creative based on the keyword?

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