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Google Search Console Performance Report Impression Drop

Google Search Console Performance Report Impression Drop

Starting from 9th Dec 2021 google has run a  new google search console update which will impact the Report of Impression. Showcasing a decline in Impression, meaning a reposting a smaller drop.

Please note that this is only a reporting change! Made by google search console. So please don’t panic as this is  “NOT A RANKING CHANGE!” This means that this update will affect how Google measures and tracks impressions only.

Meaning your google ranks and SERPS should continue raking as they do with the same type of expected decline, or incline.

9th December 2021 google impression drop

Google has posted on 9th December 2021

“Google has recently updated its logging system for Google News to make it more accurate.” As a result “you may notice a reduction in the number of impressions for your site in the performance report for Google News.”

“These improvements are to ensure you receive the most accurate report impressions from Google News via Search Console and don’t reflect any changes in user behavior on the Google News app or news.google.com,” Google has also added. 

Thus, if you see a performance drop in your impressions on the google search console, you know the reason why!

This will be the main reason why you may be experiencing such impression drops.

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Let us know below if you have been hit with the new googles search console update below. Tell us how you have been hit with the new Google Search Console Performance Report Impression Drop.

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