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Top 5 SEO Tools You Must Use

Top 5 SEO Tools You Must Use | All Seo Basics
Top 5 SEO Tools You Must Use | All Seo Basics

Top 5 SEO Tools You Must UseBasically, we can never stress enough how significant keeping an eye on your SEO and ranking for the success of your website is. Obviously, mastering SEO optimization is in no way of an easy task to accomplish; it is rather hard to cover all of its aspects, especially if you are new to the business. Thus, lots of tools were developed to help people interested in SEO optimization fulfill their needs and better enhance their sites. Yet, you do not have to use every tool out there. Therefore, we collected the best five SEO tools that you must use in order to have the website with the traffic it deserves and to start your very first steps towards success in any industry.



What are the best SEO tools, you should be using?



1. Ahref:

Ahrefs - SEO Tools You Must Use
Ahrefs – SEO Tools You Must Use

First things first, this tool is used to provide you with both analyses as well as researches on your website. This tool is widely used and highly recommended by thousands of business owners, SEO experts, and marketers of the field based on its huge role in improving search ranking for their websites. Moreover, some of the features it provides are its Content Explorer that works on providing you with the most well-known and most searched content based on any keyword or topic you insert. Plus, you may enjoy a free experience on Ahrefs, but you will face some limitations. Thus, we suggest that you use their other plans; in which you have different options.




2. Seobility:

Seobility - SEO Tools You Must Use
Seobility – SEO Tools You Must Use


Secondly, the main use for this tool is for SEO auditing. Basically, this tool plays the role of a judge; it gives you an idea of how good or bad your website is performing. Plus, it has got some remarkably useful features. These features include Keyword Check which gives you information regarding your page optimization for your target keyword(s). Moreover, it provides you with SEO checker that runs tests on your sites, as well as SEO Compare which, as suggested from its name, compares two given pages for a keyword term. 



3. Serpstat:

Serpstat - SEO Tools You Must Use
Serpstat – SEO Tools You Must Use

Mainly, Serpstat is used to help website owners in their content marketing campaigns as well as highly improving their SEO and PPC. Basically, what it does is collecting various keywords for SEO and then it values them. Plus, it provides you with long-tail keywords, keyword variations, as well as search recommendations in order to widen your semantic core. Moreover, it analyzes keywords trends, checks international data, as well as provides you with lists of pages that appear in the search results for a certain keyword.




4. Semrush:

Semrush - SEO Tools You Must Use
Semrush – SEO Tools You Must Use

Basically, SEM Rush is used in the process of keyword and competitor research. SEM Rush provides you with a variety of means and methods to analyze and search your competitors. There are too much information and data about your competitors that you can easily find using SEM Rush; for example, you can get to know about all of their best keywords, best backlinks, best content, and even more various options. This tool has proved itself over the past years and managed to stand out in the field of competitor search, it is highly recommended; it is absolutely a must-have.



5. Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords - SEO Tools You Must Use
Seed Keywords – SEO Tools You Must Use

Mainly, Seed Keywords is used for keyword research. However, it is kind of interesting as it makes you ask others about what would they search for in case they want to buy new shoes, for example. Then, you will be sending the link to people you know and wait for enough answers from them. Thus, you will by then have a list of actual search terms and keywords form the actual real-life users and customers.