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Top 6 Free SEO Tools (Software) For Rank Checking

Top 6 Free SEO Tools (Software) For Rank Checking
Top 6 Free SEO Tools (Software) For Rank Checking

Top 6 Free SEO Tools and Software For Rank Checking

Obviously, if you are a website owner who realizes the pros of having high-quality SEO and search engine rankings, then you should wrap your head around the following provided best seven tools.

These tools are designed to help you check your website ranking. Plus, they are all free and worth-checking.

In addition, keep in mind that in order to succeed, you need to at least be using one of the following tools.


1 SEO Book Rank Checker:

SEO Book Rank Checker

Basically, this tool will provide you with a decent list of needed keywords and will give some insights regarding the performance of your website. Moreover, what is special about this tool is the speed of results it generates.

It provides you with the keyword ranking results for major search engines like Google, Bing, as well as Yahoo. However, this tool only works well for Firefox. In addition, it is worth noting that you should not be using the tool way too much as you might get blocked from Google.



2 Traffic Travis:

Traffic Travis SEO Tool

Now, this is software for website rank checking. Traffic Travis will provide you with 500 free keywords that can only be used sparingly and will let you set up 5 projects in the free version of it.



3 Microsite Masters:

Microsite MastersBasically, this tool functions as an online interface. Moreover, it is super handy when it comes to the users who want to be automatically notified about their keyword ranking rather than checking them online manually.



4 SEO SERP Workbench:

SEO SERP Workbench
SEO SERP Workbench

Chiefly, it is an app that can be installed on the Google Chrome browser. Obviously, and once you start using it, you will be comfortable with the easiness of the process of adding keywords as well as competitors. Moreover, it gives you the experience of comparing your site with another in the form of line graphs.



5 Web SEO (CEO) – Online Version:

Web SEO - Online VersionFirstly, this tool has both of the options of being either used online or on desktops. Also, it provides you with five keywords to track as well as the chance of setting up two projects. Moreover, its service includes 4 keywords tracking with web buzz monitoring, 200 evaluations regarding broken links and on-site optimization, as well as 40 backlinks monitoring to your site. Plus, you will be given a bunch of free recommendations and tips to help you improve your SEO and search ranking. In addition, it can provide you with international search statistics, data on ranking distribution, as well as connecting optimization tips across your site once connected with your website’s Google Analytics account.



6 Tiny Rocket Lab:

Tiny Rocket LabChiefly, Tiny Rocket Lab will provide you with 10 keywords tracking for free. What is appealing about this tool is that does not bombard your screen with amounts of information and data that are irrelevant or useless for you. Thus, its simple and well-presented interface is what makes it highly used. Moreover, the graph used in Tiny Rocket Lab is worth noting as well for it presents keyword rankings from last year in a very simple and clear way.