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Using SpyFu for SEO Keywords & SEO Analysis

Using SpyFu for SEO Keywords & SEO Analysis
Using SpyFu for SEO Keywords & SEO Analysis

Using SpyFu for SEO Keywords & SEO Analysis, Basically, SpyFu should be your go-to tool when it comes to revealing the secrets of your competitors.

You would want to know how others are succeeding in the industry; what keywords they use, what methods and tactics they follow. And accordingly, you will be following their steps to success and try your best to hopefully beat them at their own game.

Thus, there is absolutely no deny regarding the significance of SpyFu to your site’s SEO and search ranking for it got so many traits in its bag. Therefore, let’s get to know what SpyFu is, its pros, its uses, as well as how to use it.


What is SpyFu?

Well, as you may have kind of figured by now, it is a tool used to find the best keywords related to your business. Generally, it assists your SEO and PPC marketing campaigns and helps you develop them.

Basically, the purpose of using this tool is to spy on the mysteries of your competitors. Otherwise, they could be people you admire and look up to in the industry and are doing and executing petty well.


Spying on competitors’ keywords, the tutorial video below.


How to Use SpyFu?

Simply, all you need to do is go to the SpyFu website, copy and paste whatever competitor’s domain in the search bar of the site, and data will be immediately and neatly presented to you.

Obviously, the most necessary pieces of information will be given whether they are about the numbers of keywords that site has or the paid keywords; moreover, the provided results may contain estimations related to monthly clicks as well as the ad budget of the inserted website.

In addition, if the given data seems like too much to cover or go over, then, there is no need to worry since SpyFu will help you in the process of making sense of every piece of information with its descriptions and explanations of each type of result.

Why Should you be Using SpyFu?

Basically, after you have seen what your competitors have been up to, how they evolved and progressed, how they crafted various parts of their campaigns, then, you will not have to go through the trouble, money, time, effort, and headache of the process of trial and error.

However, you will be benefiting from the lessons of your competitors and spending your money, time, and effort on making money using the strategies and techniques that your competitors have already proven right and profitable.

spyfu cpc on keywords
spyfu cpc on keywords

More and More Details!

Furthermore, SpyFu’s mission does not stop there. However, it proceeds to help you get the most advantages of whatever domain you have inserted and it digs deep into the details of that site; this is what it was designed for.

Thus, you will be given more and more data regarding the performance of your competitors. For example, you will be shown data on the top competitors of the given domain, the SEO and PPC of it, the top keywords, and how the keywords of the domain are overlapping with these competitors.

Plus, that last point can become extremely handy when it comes to seeing what keywords they are bidding on while you are not. In addition, you will be given details on their ad aspects like what are their best and most rewarding current ads or even the history of the rankings they got throughout time and the ups and downs of it.

Finally, feel free to discover SpyFu to find what matches your needs; whether it is your competitor’s organic ranking history or an overview of their PPC campaigns. Plus, many of these features are free to use; yet, if you signed in, you will see that magic actually exists and SpyFu is the magician.