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Best Link Building Strategy – Do it yourself from Home!

Best Link Building Strategy
Best Link Building Strategy

In this step by step guide on how to build your own link building strategy from home, we will cover everything you need to know about SEO Link Building and growing your backlinks.

We will show you the simplest way of doing link building!

Do you need to be some kind of SEO guru or geek to do this? The simple answer is “no“!

What will you learn in this easy step by step guide?

  1. Allocating your competitors
  2. Checking your competitor’s backlinks profiles
  3. Building your backlinks profiles based on your competitors

Wow is it that simple in 3 steps? and the answer is “YES” is that simple!


1. Allocating your competitors for Link Building Strategy

First, open up SEMrush and type in your website, if you have a new website, then simply type in your 1 of your 5 competitors websites which is well established.

If you don’t have a SEMrush account make a free account. (This service is free and you will not need to pay for any premium membership)

Open SEMRush

Then Select “Organic Research” on the right-hand side of SEMRush.

Organic Research
Organic Research


Then Scroll down the page till you see a section for your organic competitors. (SEMrush)

scroll down the main page for the competitors
scroll down the main page for the competitors


Now write down all 5 top competitors on paper or save these in text files as we will need all 5 of these in our next step.

5 link building competitors






This is the first step done we will now move to the next step of this do it yourself link building guide.



2. Checking your competitor’s backlinks profiles

We will now check the backlink profile of our top 5 competitors, start with the top one.

Go to neilpatel.com and type in your top competitor under the “analyze traffic” section.

Neil patel website analysis

Now select the “backlinks” section when it finished analyzing the domain.

select backlinks section

You will now be able to see the full backlink profile of your competitors.

backlink analysis for link building

We can now move to step 3! (keep your page open as in the next step we will use and sort this backlink profile backed on different filters provided)

“YES” it’s simple as that!



3. Building your backlinks profiles based on your competitors

There are few things to keep in mind before you start manually creating backlinks.

Always select the “follow tab” at the top soon as you see your backlinks, “follow” backlinks help your webiste rank better than “no-follow” backlinks. Don’t ever get this mixed up, be advised that “no-follow” backlinks also help you rank, but not as well/good as the “do-follow” backlinks.

Follow and no-follow backlinksNow because we are using a free account we are limited to only viewing 100 rows, so we will extend this manually to only get the best results by simply selecting different filters options at the top.

in red We have highlighted 3 options you want to sort your backlink results, always start with the top “domain score” checking only the top results, once finished, followed by check top results for “page score“. Then, in the end, you can check for all the latest backlinks your competitor has received to date by selecting “first seen“. These are the 3 main sorting features you want to ascend by top results when looking for decent backlinks.

in Blue We have highlighted the main sorting button which you will have to click on to actually sort your backlink search results by ascending or descending.

Many people struggle to see this option, which is a shame!

Sorting your backlinks

Ok so now you kind of understand how to sort your competitor’s backlinks profile and only pick up the top “follow” backlinks sorted by the top results using the advance sorting features.

But how do you actually build your own backlinks?

Well… This is simpler than you think!

Start from the top and start opening your competitor’s backlinks profiles, you will see the website where they have gained high-quality backlinks.

Hold up! How do you know their high-quality backlinks?

Simple, Anything that has a domain or page score of 50 and above is considered a good and high-quality backlink.

Simply click on the “open tab icon” highlighted in red

link building strategy

Now you will be looking for websites like blogs, directories, forums, comments sections of the website, media/community websites where maybe you can create a profile and leave a link on the main page.

As you can see gumroad.com has a profile section where you can leave a link to your website, which is considered a high-quality backlink.

Link building yourself from home

And this is pretty much it!

You have just learned how to look up your competitor’s backlinks, see which website they actually used to get high-quality-backlinks and create your very own high-quality backlinks mimicking your competitors.

All you have to do now is find those rich forums, blog comments sections, community websites, directories. Then simply create your free profile if needed and post your backlinks!

This is the simplest way of link building, we wanted to share this strategy with you.

We wish you the best of luck!

This link building strategy will save you so much time by filtering the right websites!

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