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Google Disavow Drop in Oragnic Traffic By 70%

Google Disavow Drop in Oragnic Traffic
Google Disavow Drop in Oragnic Traffic

Always remember that disavowing any domains could have a crazy impact on your search rankings and doing this incorrectly will result in instantaneous huge search engine traffic/rank drops.

Which could also take months to recover.

There are many webmasters and admins who have decided they will disavow their own toxic backlinks only to find out that they have destroyed their organic Google traffic.

Google Disavow drop in Oragnic Search by 70%

As you can see above disavowing the toxic backlinks had a negative impact on the search engines instead of the positive SEO and ranking impact! on December 15th, 2021 there were 657 google clicks in 1 day.

On Friday 8th January there were only 225 clicks.

This is a decline of more than 70% in google traffic.


What caused the decline?

  • Disavowing any toxic backlinks without proper research
  • Remember that not all toxic backlinks are toxic
  • Disavowing changes every couple of days
  • Not keeping track of domains and search traffic changes


What do we recommend?

  • Disavow up to 10 to 15 domains at a time and keep a track of all the domains you disavow. Don’t overdo it this way you won’t know where you stand!
  • Wait 2 weeks after you disavow the toxic backlinks for changes to kick in, this is 2 weeks after the page has been cached by google. check cache date first. (find out more about how Google Cache date work here and how to check it) it will take 2 weeks to see actual results after the cache date.
  • Always disavow adult and gambling content backlinks first they have the most negative and toxic backlinks.
  • Spammy websites and paid archive websites always follow up on the next disavow list.
  • Use SEMrush backlinks audit to find out which links are bad and which are great, we made a full step by step guide on how to do this here.
  • Most important stay patient! it can take 1/3 months to see some positive results!

After 3 months of disavowing 10/15 links at a time every 2/3 weeks, you should see positive results (after 40 to 50 disavowed domains) if it takes 4/5 months let it be, but be sure that all the hard work and results will stay around for very long time!

google disavow positive results
Google disavow positive results

Remember that disavowing the wrong backlinks will cause a huge dip in traffic, so always make sure you start off with the RED colored toxic domains on SEMrush first. then you can move down to amber colored toxic backlinks, please do not touch the green backlinks on SEMrush.

If you’re unsure what you’re doing, then our advice would be that you hire an SEO agency to take care of and audit your toxic backlinks. Feel free to reach out to us, contact us for a free quote on fixing your website’s ranks or improving your website ranks, we would be happy to help.