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Top 10 Free Website Backlinks in 2021 for Better Rankings

Top 10 SEO Backlinks to improve rankings in search engine

top 10 seo high website backlinks
top 10 seo high website backlinks

Are you looking for website backlinks? We have made a list of some domains which you can use below to create backlinks to your own personal website for better search engine rankings and search results.

Backlinks will defenilty help you improve your search density ranks and also improve your search engine results overall, the more high score backlinks you get to a webpage the better you will rank for higher keywords.

Backlinks have a huge impact on your search engine results

It’s very important to remove any toxic backlinks, more info how to remove backlinks read this, it clearly states step by step on how to remove toxic backlinks with toxic scores, it can take some time but all worth the rank results, you may also want to review anything with scores below 30 using SEMrush backlink audit tool on on-toxic backlinks.

Top 10 Free Website Backlinks in 2021 for Better Rankings
Top 10 Free Website Backlinks in 2021 for Better Rankings

The Backlinks

Here are free backlink websites you can use to improve your search rankings with a high domain score rating.

1. patreon – [domain score 92] Free to setup up and can backlink to multiple URLs you post, set-up an account for free and start posting links with tags to improve backlinks

2. refind [domain score of 89]  Great way to share links & posts on your public profile for free

3. aminoapps [domain score of 81] You will first need to download the app on your phone, then join communities within your field, all data is synced with the online/web version, you can then need to post using your phone app directly on the go or via the website frontend, you can make a backlink on your profile description under more settings within your profile bio & also post links on your profile wall, very good for high PR backlinks, also post within communities and drive instant traffic to your website

4. genius [domain score of 90] This is a forum that will give you a high-quality backlink, you can create a profile, in more description add your website link. (you will need to reach IQ 150 which takes a couple of days to start posting in forums and build up your backlinks)

5. linktr [domain score of 88] This is a perfect high-quality backlink to post on your own personalized profile page, simply register, upload a profile picture, and start posting any links you wish to share, perfect high-quality ranking backlinks.


6. causes [domain score of 87] This is a petition website, but behold if your creative enough you can create a random petition to support an idea you have.

7. newgrounds [domain score of 85] This is an online forum, you can instantly post comments on other posts after registering, we recommend not to spam to prevent being banned, try to find a related topic and post something worth reading, then drop a link to your URL at the end of your comment. You can also create topics, remember not to spam and keep it clean is the key.

8. reddit [domain score of 98] A very high rating domain, you can join other public communities or create your own, post links, blog posts or videos, remember not to spam and keep it clean. A very good high rating backlink

9. mixcloud [domain score of 90] You can create a free profile and on the profile bio, you can add a website link that will provide a high-quality backlink.

10. mix [domain score of 93] create a free account and you can share all your links on your profile for free, this is a great way to gain high-quality backlinks



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