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Google SERPs Update! Google is Rewriting Title Tags

GOOGLE serps update 16th august 2021
GOOGLE serps update 16th august 2021

16th August 2021 UPDATE! You guys would not believe this, but Google has started to replace title tags in SERPs with other relevant text imported from your webpage.

So far what we know is that Google is replacing the title (meta) SERP’s with text extracted from your website, often being the H1 tags or H2 tags.

Google being able to overwrite title SERPs with different text means more traffic for those who use different h1 tags asking different questions or covering different subjects on one page.

This is still in its beta stage.

August 16th, 2021 is when the Tittle SERP’s update began on google targeting huge movements on SEMrush and other SEO keyword tracking tools.

It’s been suggested that h1 and h2 tags are being pulled into google search titles (SERPs), but also Lily Ray noticed that’s she’s seen Google replace her page/pages titles with anchor text from an internal link.

Google SERPs Update


Brodie Clark suggested with analytical data on the decline SEO ranks of websites being hit with the new update.

Has the new 16th August 2021 SERP update affected your website ranks?

Only time will tell as websites will see huge drops, some will see gains and some will stay the same, as of what to do https://brodieclark.com/google-title-tag-update/ this article will give you more info on what to look out for.

Can you do anything if you have been impacted by the 16th August 2021 SERP?

As of now, there is no info on what to do, but as google always says, keep creating evergreen content, concentrate on quality over quantity.

One thing we can recommend is add few H1 and H2 tags to your website pages/articles and also anchor text links. way 10 to 14 days for pages to be re-crawled and re-ranked. 


  1. Hey Thanks for the info, SERPS are constantly being updated, weather this is a good update by google we will soon find out, this will definitely add more competition to webmasters and bloggers!


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