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How Does Good Article Content Affect SEO Rankings?

How Does Good Article Content Affect SEO Rankings
How Does Good Article Content Affect SEO Rankings

Recently, it has become well-known to everyone how much SEO is essential if someone wishes to make progress in terms of ranking well in Google search. Furthermore, the importance of factors like quality content, backlinks, page speed, and machine learning has become clear to all of those who aspire to build websites of high quality that attract users and turn them to loyal customers or visitors. So, it is considered as a fact the idea of quality content being a must. However, to what extent can content actually affect your SEO rankings?


Quality Content and SEO Rankings

Quality Content and SEO Rankings

Basically, your purpose should be to work on bringing both of your content and SEO to harmony. Moreover, you should keep in mind that Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and improving to become and to provide more relevant and useful results since Google – the major search engine – itself processes about 3.5 billion searches per day.

Mainly, these results are basically the pieces of content that are spread throughout the internet. Therefore, if you desire to have better SEO rankings, then you have to make your content as useful and beneficial to users as possible.



Google and Quality Content:

Google and Quality ContentNow, Google looks for certain things when showing up search results. Basically, it focuses on who is responsible for running the website; and on who has created the content of that site. Plus, business sites are usually run by companies or institutions whilst individuals are considered contributors. Furthermore, this is all to preserve copyrights, to build trust with the targeted audiences, and to acknowledge contributors.


Tips You Must Follow When Creating Content to Enhance SEO Rankings

So, now that you understand the significance of content to the visibility of your site on search results, you have to follow the following tips to grant your visitors a better experience and accordingly, to grant your site a better ranking. If you applied them correctly, then you will maximize the potential of the SEO ranking of your content.

First of all, make sure that your content is both informative and beneficial. Namely, your content must add value to the user experience and it must stand out among thousands of other pieces of content and articles. Second, you have to build a bond based on trust between your site and your audience; thus, you have to show credibility. For example, try using original researches, links, testimonials, and citations. Third, make your website is engaging by adding images, themes, and designs. Furthermore, you can engage with your visitors by adding a comment box or social media widgets to better interact with them. Finally, you should be focusing on giving your visitor a better experience and not on ranking better in search engines. Hence, make sure your content is unique and of high quality.


Audience-centric Content

Next, you need to wrap your head around the concept of audience-centric content. Briefly, it is about concentrating on what your audience wants to see and not what you want to show. Therefore, it is what you should be working on in order to ace your game of optimizing your content in search engines. Plus, to achieve this task, make sure to go over some of these technical factors like meta titles and descriptions, keywords, and URLs.

Moreover, improve both of the outline and format of your website for optimal readability; and make sure it is broken down into small chunks. Furthermore, it is a brilliant tactic to insert backlinks throughout your content which plays a great role in providing credibility and making your site more trustworthy and authentic.

To conclude, without enough visibility, all your hard work will be in vain. And when content is well-optimized, your visibility is dramatically enhanced.