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How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year

How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year
How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year

How I built a blog with 2000 users a day, well I will share my story with you on how I built my online empire, today I have 5 websites which are all growing and each brings me some form of monthly income, anyone can do it from home too, but you have to be patient and work hard and keep trying even if you fail over and over again, even if you see no results, that is the goal. Many people give up after the first month or two after starting a blog or a website, that’s because there’s simply no sign of traffic and all the time spent simply ain’t worth it. But that’s where mistakes are made, any website takes an average of 180 to 250 days to start ranking probably in google and other search engines, my advice to anyone starting off is to simply not let the traffic distract your emotions on the blog/website till 1 year has passed at least, you can help it rank higher of course during this time but you have to use few online SEO tools and also be creative.


So let me start by showing you some of the traffic stats of my 2 websites


Here is my google analytics for my 1st website which I started 1 year ago. 

first year of my website traffic
first year of my website traffic

As you can see above the traffic started off very well, in fact, I have done a 301 redirect of my old website which was at the time receiving 600 users per day, doing this website redirect did cause a small spike in the traffic at the start, as you can see from May to July on Google Analytics image above, but even that never helped the traffic, traffic normalized and dropped down to 400 users per day after the first 6 months in November, but I knew this was the time when my blog would start ranking, so I decided to pick up my pen and start working on keywords and writing more blogs and posting more often because I still believed my strategy would work, overall I have been a web developer for over 10 years and done huge amounts of research and took many courses on SEO and online marketing, so I knew i was on the right path.

I still had hope that I could turn this around, to be honest, many web developers and bloggers would have stopped and given up after going downhill the way I did, after that huge spike in traffic at the start, it was quite heartbreaking to see it all go down, but I knew that I haven’t started ranking yet, many old backlinks were dropping, so I kept my chin up because I knew it will change once I started ranking, and turns out that I was right, let’s have a quick closer look at the last month’s traffic below;


From 1000 users to 2000 in 1 month

How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year
How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year

(Out of the 2000 users who visited us in 1 day, 1400 users were organic from Google, 400 were from social media and rest were simple referrals and direct users)

Organic Traffic is 80%
Organic Traffic is 80%



So now let’s have a look at my other website, my 2nd website I started in June (mainly done this as a test with minimal work and no social media, just to test if my SEO strategy was working)

How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year
How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year

So I made a blog about sound effects and movie effects, a test website I started working on in June last year, with very minimal effort on marketing, mainly concentrating on just good SEO and all the 7 points that I have highlighted below, the website has actually performed very well, 90% of the traffic came in from the search engines. I posted around 70 small blogs in last 6 months, I wouldn’t even call them blogs to be honest, because each of the posts had around 200 words if not less, it still worked, look below, I am almost at 100 users a day with no social media marketing at all, few backlinks submissions and mainly concentrating on working with certain keywords. So what is this keyword too I used and still use? It’s free to use and it’s called spyfu.com free to use, register and login to unlock hidden keywords on the screen, pay for premium to unlock premium features. (check bullet paragraph number 4 below for more info)

So what did I do? How Did I Build A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year

  1. What I did was simple, I made sure I used H1, H2 and H3 header tags on all titles of the website, you can learn more on h1 tags here.
  2. I made sure I used alt tags on all images, you can learn more about al tags here.
  3. I used the SEO Yoast formula on each page;
      1. SEO Keyphrase in subheading: Make sure to use more keyphrases or synonyms in your higher-level subheadings! H1, H2 and H3 tags
      2. Image alt attributes: make sure all images have alt attributes, don’t overdo it, make sure to use your SEO keyword on alt tags but no more than 3 times per post, then use different keyword.
      3. Keyphrase in the title: the title of your blog should start with your SEO keyword, this is a must always!
      4. SEO title width: don’t make the title of your blog too short or too long try and keep it in 50-60 characters long if you can.
      5. Outbound links: link to any other external websites, if you have a link at bottom of your page on all pages to another website this will also work, basically 1 outbound link to any website, preferably one with similar content.
      6. Internal links: create a hyperlink to any page on your website, at least 1 on each new blog post you publish.
      7. SEO Keyphrase in the introduction: make sure to start with the SEO keyword at the beginning of the paragraph.
      8. SEO Keyphrase length: Try not to target keywords sentences that have more than 4 words, the fewer words the better.
      9. SEO Keyphrase density: Try to include at least 4 times, no more than 5 otherwise you be flooding the keyword, but I find that 1 out of 10 articles can be packed with at least 10 of the same keywords on 1 page, a little trick I have learned which works, doesn’t hurt to break the rules of SEO few times.
      10. Keyphrase in meta description: Make sure you write website meta description of no more than 160 characters, include your keywords that your targeting (not 160 words but characters please make sure)
      11. Meta description length: Well done!
      12. Previously used keyphrase: Try not to use the same keywords again and again.
      13. Text length: At least 400 words on the page relating to your article/blog
      14. Keyphrase in slug: (include keywords in URL, example www.mywebsite.com/this-is-my-seo-results)
  4. I targeted easy to rank keywords with the difficulty of 60 and no greater to start off with, this was done on spyfu.com. Simply enter your keyword and see the ranking difficulty. Check the image below; (go and check out spyfu)
Spyfu SEO tool for SEO keywords - How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year
Spyfu SEO tool for SEO keywords – How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year

A – You want to make sure the difficulty of the SEO keyword or keyphrase your targeting is no greater than 59 at early stages, once you get at least 1000 users a day, then you can start targeting keyword between 60 to 80 in difficulty to rank.

B – Make sure the keywords your targeting have at least 500+ visits a month, anything less than that is pretty much pointless. Aim for keywords above 80 once you get 10,000 users per month.

C – Try and look at similar keywords and see if their difficulty to rank is lower than 59, this will also give you great SEO keyword ideas.

PPC / CPC - How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year
PPC / CPC – How I Built A Blog With 2000 Users A Day in 1 Year

One thing I did not mention was CPC or PPC (cost per click, pay per click), (image showed above from spyfu, info is located right at the bottom left-hand side of the screen) try target SEO keywords which have high CPC, PPC, as this will help you generate good revenue in the future, take nothing lower than $0.50 to start off with per click. If you want to rank faster and grow your online presence the right way.

But don’t overkill yourself, if you go for higher-paying keywords, they will have high difficulty in rankings, and it will take you years and years to see any results, well if any results since you still will probably be waiting in this search engine circle of death, where your website is trying to rank but can’t rank since the selection of SEO keywords you have chosen to target are way too high in difficulty (too much competition), imagine trying to take on Amazon with no index history? yeh, you get the point, start off small and build up, otherwise, you will have no chance of achieving 20 users a year.

5. I set up a youtube channel where I was teaching people online tutorials on music software, this can be anything, even if it’s gaming, playing football, playing pranks on people, magic tricks, conspiracy videos or simply stupid things, try and pick one topic and stick to it, base your whole website on this same topic and let this topic be your inspiration for the next 1/2 years as you will aim to make a living from this. I now make money from youtube too and have over 27,000 subscribers, can’t disclose how much I make on youtube but it’s decent enough to count as a part-time job.

– When you’re using youtube, try and include your website links in the description text of the videos, this will give you 1 good quality backlink, also drive traffic to your blog.

– Create an intro to your video and try to get subscribers

– Go and comment on other peoples youtube videos, subscribe to them 1/5 will subscribe back and comment back on your videos, best way to slowly start growing.

– It can take a whole year to see any results but keep posting videos and make sure you give good video titles, descriptions, create good thumbnails and also most importantly use the right keywords. (post at least 2/3 video per week on the same days of the week, keep the consistency flowing for at least 60 weeks for guaranteed results)

6. I set up social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, make sure they all social media link to your website, this will go down as social media backlinks, get your friends to share your blog, starting off can be hard but don’t give up, the search engines will kick in after 190 to 250 days before you see some good results, make sure you have at least 150 decent quality posts on your blog with no less than 450 to 500 words on each post if you want to rank well.

7. I started to Work on backlinks, backlinks are what makes your websites online presence grow, this is very underestimated and many people who design websites don’t bother, the fact is, the more backlinks you can get from any website is always a benefit and little push in rankings. You can start off with blogger, Pinterest, find relevant forums online and post something interesting, make sure you mention your a web-link to your website (this is what counts as a  backlink), contact other websites and ask them if they would be interested in exchanging backlinks. List of few backlink websites you can use below;

  1. DirectoryWorld
  2. SoMuch
  3. Jayde
  4. AuthorStream
  5. About.me
  6. Zoho
  7. ImFaceplate
  8. BitBucket
  9. CheaperSeeker

How will you make money?

Once you get enough traffic which I think is at least 100 users per day, try and sign up with Google AdSense, or other ad agency networks which can help you start earning money when someone else views or click on your ads, these are known as CPC or CPM paid per click or paid per 1000 impressions. Some people can earn up to 1,000 USD/GBP a month with 40,000 to 60,000 users per month. Of course, if you receive 400,000 users per month that can easily accumulate and you could easily make 10,000 USD/GBP a month, but this all depends on your CPC keywords, if their high paying and your website traffic are mostly USA or GB based, as each country pays differently, I would say that you should not really worry too much about which countries are visiting your website at the start because the keywords you will be targeting from spyfu.com will in-fact tell you the expected google traffic from US-based keywords, so you know roughly what you’re expecting once your ranking 1st in google. (spyfu is manually set to USA keywords and ranks when you start your first search, if you want more country-specific breakdown of traffic and search terms, then try semrush.com)

You can also try online affiliate marketing, where you simply promote other products and make a small % commission cut from each sale you generate, some people can make up to 5000 USD/GBP per month. I have done and still work with amazon affiliate marketing and it really works, made some money this way, a great way to make extra cash selling something that is basically virtual and you don’t have to worry about shipping.

Do you want to get started? That’s great here are the steps you need to take!

1. Learn how to use WordPress

We have created WordPress tutorials to teach you how to start your blog with no coding experience, you can manage your own webiste with your own domain name. Click here for our full list of WordPress tutorials.


2. Start your website and domain name

You can register your domain and host a website for as little as 4.00 (USD/GBP) a month. Most hosting providers will also have one-click install WordPress button on their control panel, this means you don’t need any hosting experience, just click and wait for your admin WordPress login URL, username and password, easy as that. See the list of the top Webhosting companies for WordPress here.


3. Follow my 7 crucial steps I have listed above

Follow all 7 steps I have listed above, this will help your blog grow quickly and generate enough users in 1 year to make some money online, the more work you put in the more money you will generate!

Also, make sure you follow all steps and post at least 1 post per day for the whole year, I guarantee good results. Post 2 blog posts per day for better results. This will help you build a blog with 2000 users a day.

4. How much money will I make?

How much money will you generate? this all depends on how engaging your blog topic is, what kind of traffic you receive on daily basis and most importantly how you place your ads on the page, but your roughly looking at minimum 2.00 (USD/GBP) per 1000 pageviews, so if you get 350 users which will get an average of 3 page views each before they leave, that would easily generate 1000 pageviews. Now imagine you get 3500 users a day, this can generate revenue for you of around 20 (USD/GBP) based on the same factor, please note that this is very minimal income, for example, some people will have 5 (USD/GBP) per 1000, which means they would earn a lot more, all depends on keywords your have targeted and traffic your receiving.

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