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Increase Website Traffic in 1 Month By Making These Changes

How to Increase Website Traffic in 1 Month By Making These Simple Changes

Increase Website Traffic in 1 Month
Increase Website Traffic in 1 Month

Increase Website Traffic in 1 Month by Making These Changes

After building your website, you will need to bring more traffic to it in order to actually starting to benefit from it. Therefore, if you want to stand out in this endless deep pool of content on the internet that gets updated every single second, then you will need to follow some steps from which you will have the decent knowledge and experience in no time in terms of driving more traffic to your site. Thus, provided are some steps you will have to strictly follow if you wish to improve your site traffic in a one-month period of time. We have loads more SEO Tips & news here.


Work on Creating Regular Evergreen Content:

So, what is evergreen content? Basically, it is the content that succeeded and sustained success. Obviously, when publishing content, for example, you don’t want traffic to rise at the time of publishing and then to fade. Basically, you want to sustain that rise or even to increase it more. Thus, writing content that will always be relevant is the answer. Moreover, in order to get this done, you will have to do some research regarding famous terms and phrases related to your business. Plus, for this purpose, you can use some tools like Keyword Explorer.

Next, in order to sustain the evergreen spark, you will have to also research your competitors and peers. Mainly, this way will provide you with some insights on the challenges and dilemmas potential customers may be trying to find solutions for.

Tips When Creating Evergreen Content

Tips When Creating Evergreen Content:

Basically, you don’t want to be creating content on trends that have died; thus, stay up to date. Next, in the process of building your blocks of content, don’t forget to use the fundamental principles of the industry. Also, don’t make the mistake of re-posting old content. However, do repurpose the evergreen content in order to become more relevant to the present time. Moreover, you don’t want to be ONLY posting evergreen content; diversity is fine and accepted. Finally, keep some of your evergreen content in your arsenal in case you ever need it.


Amplify Your Traffic Via Ads on Social Media:

Certainly, you encounter a great number of online ads yourself on social media platforms on a daily basis. Obviously, online ads are becoming an extremely effective way in terms of boosting website traffic. Therefore, you will have to work on promoting your top-performing content.


Social Media - Increase Website Traffic in 1 Month By Making These Changes
Social Media – Increase Website Traffic in 1 Month By Making These Changes

How to Promote Top Performing Content?

First, post on your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Second, check the analytics of these posts in order to find out which posts did better in terms of engagement. Third, create a custom targeted audience that will most likely engage with your content using Facebook Ads Manager. Next, using Ads Manager, create a custom Traffic campaign or choose the Boost option in order to promote your top-performing posts. Finally, respond to comments, answer questions on a regular basis, and engage with your audience in order to generate social proof.

On the other hand, you will be still having some posts and content that are not top performers. Therefore, work on testing images, headings, and captions until you find the desired combination. Also, you always want to be relevant; therefore, search for a relevancy score ranging from 8 to 10 on the type of content that is about brand awareness.



To conclude, social media advertising drives unimaginable traffic to your site as well as having great positive effects on word-of-mouth marketing as well as on brand awareness. Thus, make sure to give it the time, the effort, and the budget it needs, be patient, and you will be gaining increased traffic in no time!