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3 Main Reasons Why PPC Leads Dont Convert To Sales

Did anyone say PPC leads not converting?

3 Main Reasons Why PPC Leads Dont Convert To Sales
3 Main Reasons Why PPC Leads Dont Convert To Sales

There are many reasons why PPC leads don’t convert to sales. Learn how to tackle any potential PPC issues or problems and hit back confidence solving any PPC issues. In this article we will cover 5 main reasons why PPC leads don’t convert to sales, and what can be done to prevent PPC issues and PPC not converting in general.

It’s all great and bubbly when PPC campaigns run smoothly when all the PPC campaigns are performing much better than expected generating great leads/sales, all at a great sustainable cost per each lead.

Then you get that 1 dreadful email or phone call from your client advising you them horrible words, “Our PPC campaign/leads are not converting and were losing money”.

When it comes to the client, it’s never a straightforward answer when something goes wrong with any PPC campaign, easily pointing the client on blaming the PPC channel or the agency looking after the PPC campaign.

When it comes to PPC managers and PPC agencies, they don’t always have the right answer as to why the PPC leads are not converting to sales, generating at least 40% of expected revenue or conversion.

In this section, we will cover 5 main reasons why PPC leads don’t convert, and being quite frankly honest, their much common reasons than anyone can or could predict, so it’s best not to think outside the box.



1. Some Form of Disconnection Between Marketing Team & Sales Teams, will always have a Negative Impact on PPC Campaigns.

Marketing Team & Sales Teams

A very common mistake is that the observation in many companies: marketing and sales don’t communicate with each other.

This of course will lead to an issue down the line, when that issue arises everyone would point blames on one another.

This is what a common sales circle should look like;

Marketing Drives Leads –> Sales Team Expected to Convert

We have outlined 4 common questions that all PPC teams. PPC individuals and PPC Agencies should be thinking about before any actions are taken.

  • How long does the sales cycle last?
  • How long does it take for the sales team to contact the initial lead? (initial lead timeframe)
  • Are there any key points or any trends showing up within the leads?
  • When does any responsibility of captured leads transfer from the marketing team to the sales team?

This is a more strategic sales concept that really doesn’t have anything to do with PPC/CPM, but the business as a whole. Of course, if this concept is not adopted in some form and used within the PPC marketing industry, the chances of failing a PPC campaign is highly likely, without communication there is a lack of understanding, and without understanding, there will be mistakes made.


2. The Sales Cycle Timeline Is Way Longer Than Planned or Expected!

Have you planned your client’s average sales cycle? create some kind of timeline of the PPC project and budget?

Even so, if your client has planned a sale cycle have you asked them how they actually got to such a point of conclusion?

This is a common mistake when working with clients and they assume the results and outcomes instead of looking at any analytical data available.

That’s Crazy, right?

The issue of not knowing a client/company’s average sales cycle can and will cause much damage to any PPC program or campaign.


3. Most of the time, the PPC Spend Budget Is the Main Source of Issue

Here we have staggering results of PPC campaigns

  • 80% of PPC campaigns were unqualified because of the “budget”.
  • 10% of PPC campaigns were unqualified because of no contact or any follow-up from the sales team? (what a waste of money)
  • 10% of PPC campaigns were unqualified because the company just lacked the funding and were selling a product or service which was simply not wanted by the public.

While many companies may and truly have an interest in a product or service, they simply don’t have the budget at the time and can’t present any budget immediately.

Is that a reason to unqualify those particular leads?

A strategic shift to categorize these leads in an exceedingly “budget issue” category.

When business returns to normalcy, these companies previously deemed as “unqualified” may become your best customers. The secret is to follow up if the budget truly is the sole issue.