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Installing WordPress on Cpanel The SEO Friendly Way!

Installing Wordpress on Cpanel The SEO Friendly Way
Installing Wordpress on Cpanel The SEO Friendly Way

Easy guide on installing WordPress on Cpanel using one-click installations the correct SEO-friendly way. Always remember the HTTPS and “www” before your URL website.

Step by Step Video Tutorial

Watch the step-by-step guide here on our youtube channel. JOIN ALL SEO BASICS ON YOUTUBE

if you ever wondered how to install WordPress in Cpanel using the quick installer the correct way this is a quick step-by-step tutorial that will demonstrate the simple process.


Some questions you may have!

  • Can I do this at any website hosting service? (the website host must have Cpanel)
  • Will the HTTP/HTTPS have an effect on my SEO? (yes, always go with “HTTPS://www”) [Our selection of Free SEO plugins for wordpress]
  • Is WordPress safe and secure? (WordPress is safe once you install wordfence and other security and firewall shield plugins)


Why should I use HTTPS instead of HTTP?

Installing WordPress on Cpanel
Installing WordPress on Cpanel

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which is used for secure communication on the worldwide computer network. That green/black lock you see at the top of your browser identifies a secure website.

Websites using HTTPS will get a slight SEO boost (rank higher in google) over websites not hosted on HTTPS but on HTTP, this is because the connection is not encrypted and is not secure. Meaning the login info, credit card details and user is at risk of having their data stolen.

A website that doesn’t have HTTPS will now show a huge red box and say warning “this website is not safe” in google chrome and other browsers. This is a no-go!

HTTP uses TLS encryption whilst HTTPS uses TLS (SSL), SSL encryption, you can gain free website security and lifetime SSL certificate using Cloudflare.

HTTPS uses the SSL/TLS protocol which encrypts the website against any hackers and attackers which prevents stealing online data.

Also, always remember to back up your WordPress website. (back up WordPress website using cpanel).