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What is cloudflare? And why so many users use Cloudflare?

What is Cloudflare?
What is Cloudflare?

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a free CDN (content delivery network) type product/service that protects your website against threats such as SQL injections and identity theft. The main benefit of using Cloudflare is that Cloudflare also improves site your website’s performance and instantly speeds up the website loading times by using their Cloudflare CDN data centers which are located all around the world. Cloudflare network acts like a giant VPN (a virtual private network). This means that any online visitor which will access your app/website will be physically redirected to the closest Cloudflare server to their location (Cloudflare stores website cache data, images, and HTML/CSS/Javascript and injects that into the loading of your website, making your website much faster globally), giving your customers quicker loading times, of course, if your customer is running on dial-up somewhere up in the mountains, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do, maybe send them a postcard?

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Online bots have caused a huge issue slowing down website speeds and using up the resources of the server, such as CPU and RAM, and yes you guessed it, another benefit to Cloudflare is the reduction of bot crawls, which can be both positive and negative depending on how harmful the bot actually is, and also depending on their source/intention. A bot crawl is normally used to scan through websites and “crawl” for any new information on webpages. While these can be helpful in most cases and capture your data, freely distribute to such as google, bing, and yahoo search engines (these are called search engine bots), some bots are thieves which will end up using the design of your website without permission, they can also generate false ad impressions and clicks. The worst Bots are known as inject-spam and other malware through file/server backdoors, stealing your website’s content and information. Cloudflare is able to actively block any suspicious bots, suspicious websites injections, and acts as a huge type of firewall between your website and your website visitors, keeping your webpage safe from any spam bots, viruses, and any other harmful or toxic traffic. Think of Cloudflare as an online genius type of web proxy, able to act automatically or based on your manual settings. More info on web security here.


Is Cloudflare free?

Yes, Cloudflare is free to use and does not require any memberships or any payments, but Cloudflare does provide premium memberships that provide extra perks and extra features, and faster website loading speeds.

Cloudflare built-in analytics
Cloudflare built-in analytics

The free Cloudflare is enough to protect your website against spam, intruders, bots, and other harmful/toxic traffic. Cloudflare also provides a free SSL certificate (this is that green tick at top of the browser/or shield giving your customers certainty that your website is safe to use) which is free for a lifetime, saving you tons of money. The free version of Cloudflare also has a free built-in adjustable cache system with website speed-up and compression options which come in handy.


How can I use Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is quite unique, the fact that its not a hosting provider. Once you have your website up and running, you can change the DNS settings (nameserver) to point to Cloudflare servers. By updating your domain nameserver settings you are allowing the Cloudflare server to fully cache a copy of your website. Cloudflare has an option that will able you to control the type of traffic that you are receiving. This means that if there are threats/discrepancies that match your created security threats or patterns of high traffic, Cloudflare will automatically monitors and controls where that toxic/malicious traffic is coming from.

You will also easily know when your site is in a potential or full-on threat thanks to the result of this Cloudflare feature. What does this mean for you? Essentially this means there is always an opportunity for your visitor to see your website. The Cloudflare server will always ask for a copy of the web-page from your hosting-provider and connect the visitor who requested the site to the copy of your web page, now let’s say your hosting provider has an issue and your website is down? Cloudflare has the ability to keep your website running based on these saved cache files stored in Cloudflare’s database.

Cloudflare has multiple plugins that you can use, the most used and popular which is of course one and only Google Analytics. You may be wondering why this is important? Google Analytics is widely recommended for any website on the world wide web. By adding your Google Analytics plugin to Cloudflare and enabling it, you will not have to go back into your website and edit any codes for Google Analytics to work, which is awesome news if you ever decide to change or update your website’s theme, losing your header tags.


Is Cloudflare the right choice for me?

When it comes to security, speed, and content delivery network, yes! of course! there is no reason why you should not use Cloudflare. 5 to 10% of all online traffic now goes through Cloudflare and Cloudflare will only continue to grow.

Is Cloudflare the right choice for me, speed up your website for free

When you think about all of the management that is required for managing the integrity and icon of one website, imagine how much stress, anger, and time are involved in managing multiple websites? enable Cloudflare today and reap its benefits. More info here.