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WordPress Tutorials | Full Beginners WordPress Training Guide

WordPress tutorial, free WordPress online training, everything you need to know about installing WordPress, SEO Yoast training. We have put together easy to follow step by step tutorial training videos and project files for you guys to follow.

WordPress Beginner Tutorials

  1. Introduction to WordPress
  2. Selecting your Domain Name
  3. Selecting your Website Hosting Provider
  4. Installing WordPress with using quick installs
  5. login to your back end of WordPress
  6. Crucial Settings Right After WordPress Installation
    1. Website Name & Email Address
    2. Permalink Settings in WordPress
    3. Settings up a home page in WordPress
    4. limiting posts per page in WordPress
  7. Installing classic editor (First plugin you must install after WordPress)
  8. Plugins in WordPress explained
  9. Before you start with WordPress create a “coming soon page”
  10. How to use WordPress posts and categories.
  11. How to use WordPress pages.
  12. How to use Widgets in WordPress
  13. How to use Comments in WordPress
  14. How to create/edit the main menu in WordPress.
  15. How to install a WordPress theme
  16. How to install advance WordPress theme with dummy content
  17. How to install google analytics on your WordPress website


Creating a business website in WordPress

  1. Selecting the right WordPress theme for your business
  2. How to create a homepage in WordPress
  3. How to create an about us page in WordPress
  4. How to create an Image Gallery in WordPress
  5. How to create “our services” page in WordPress
  6. How to create a contact form in WordPress


WordPress Bonus – SEO Special

  1. Installing & using Yoast SEO, the best SEO results
  2. Alt tags on images for best SEO results in WordPress
  3. Optimizing images for best SEO results in WordPress
  4. Removing the author from the website (best SEO results in WordPress)
  5. Removing time & date from WordPress (best SEO results)
  6. Don’t create duplicate content for best SEO results in WordPress
  7. Minifying & Compressing CSS & Javascript best SEO results in WordPress


WordPress Bonus – Security & Anti-hacking

  1. Installing Wordfence to protect WordPress
  2. Move & Rename admin login page in WordPress to prevent hackers
  3. Point domain to Cloudflare & prevent WordPress Hackers & Spam
  4. Remove WordPress Metadata


WordPress Bonus – Optimization & Speed

  1. Using website speed test tools
  2. WordPress Cache plugin, the best option for speed & ranking
  3. Compressing CSS, javascript and


Download Essential Tools

1. Notepad++ (Best for coding, editing codes and quickly running search queries)