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Why are most Online Blogs made using WordPress CMS

Why are most Online Blogs made using WordPress CMS
Why are most Online Blogs made using WordPress CMS

When it comes to WordPress CMS, it’s widely used by many bloggers around the world, there are many reasons why so many bloggers use WordPress CMS. We have made a quick table of content that will explain exactly why so many bloggers use WordPress CMS for creating online blogs.

So why are most online blogs made using WordPress CMS?

  • WordPress is easy to maintain and edit.
  • WordPress has a great admin back end where you can edit, add, and remove your posts almost from anywhere around the world, even from your mobile phone device.
  • WordPress has an easy plugin addon feature to add and remove plugins with few clicks of the mouse.
  • WordPress has great security features.
  • WordPress has plenty of theme features allowing instant change of theme.
  • WordPress has regular updates (security patches and bug fixes).
  • You can create almost any website available using WordPress.
  • WordPress has great shortcode features with many available external shortcode plugins.
  • WordPress has great anti-spam plugin features
  • WordPress also support forums and community websites
  • WordPress also supports social media connections (logins, post, and retweet)


What type of blogs can you make using the WordPress CMS platform?

When it comes to making blogs online, WordPress can be easily used to make health-related blogs, food and lifestyle blogs, food and drink-related blogs, music-related blogs, gaming blogs, gym-related blogs, community blogs, forums, fitness blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, DIY blogs, sports blogs, business blogs, creative blogs, educational blogs, and the list can go on almost forever listing all potential ideas for making a successful online blog.

Why don’t you start your own blog today using WordPress!

  1. Check out WordPress for more info
  2. Get a web hosting plan to host your website
  3. Think of a topic your blog will be about
  4. Purchase a domain name and WordPress supported web hosting plan (we have 3 Webhosting here that support WordPress quick install script)
  5. Start blogging!